Commonly Asked Questions and Answers

Q. Can I choose my own wine in my three delivery months?
A. You are able to select from the following packs for your compulsory three deliveries, however at this stage your are unable to select your own mix;

  • Whites & Rose Mixed Dozen
  • Whites & Reds Mixed Dozen
  • Premium Reds Mixed Dozen
  • Scales Range Straight Dozen
  • Reserve Range Straight Six Pack
  • Parham Cabernet Sauvignon Straight Three Pack
  • Henley Shiraz Straight Three Pack

You can update your wine mix prior to each delivery month by logging into your account here.

Q. If I don’t reply to the “Pre-Delivery Notification Email” from Geoff Merrill Wines, will I be charged for and sent any wine?
A. YES We will email all “Henley Club” members the month prior to each delivery ensuring you are aware that your delivery is on the way.

Q. When I join the club and purchase my first pack, does this wine count towards my three commitments months obligation?
A. Yes. The initial 20% discount is extended to your first pack purchase in good faith that you will purchase further packs in each the three scheduled delivery months. e.g. If you join our wine club in January would like a case of wine, you will be required to purchase again in March then July and then November annually. You can, however, opt to defer delivery until the closest delivery month to when you have joined.

Q. Do I have to be a member for a certain length of time?
A. Yes, you commit to a 12 month minimum period. Geoff Merrill Wines requests a minimum commitment of one pack in each of the three delivery months. Following your initial purchase and after your further two deliveries, you may cancel your membership via email or written correspondence. e.g. If you purchase more than your selected pack in your selection month, this does not count as your commitment to purchase for your next selection month.

Q. On the day I join the Henley Club, if I only wish to buy only a few bottles of wine, will I still receive members 20% discount?
A. No. All benefits and bonuses do not commence until you purchase a minimum of one of the selected packs (as featured above) from the Henley Club page. Once you are registered as a member of our Henley Club and purchase your first selected pack via the Henley Club page, you are more than welcome to make purchases of less than one dozen throughout the year, excluding your delivery scheduled months.

Q. Are all Geoff Merrill Wines products discounted for Henley Club members?
A. Yes all wines are discounted exclusively for wine club members. However no further discounts apply to already discounted wines (Pimpala Road, SMS, GM Barrel Select, Cleanskins and export offerings).

Q. If I have changed address and my wine is despatched to my previous address, will I be charged for re-delivery?
A. Yes. Geoff Merrill Wines accepts no responsibility for wine delivered to an old or incorrect address.
Please ensure you notify Geoff Merrill Wines of any changes to delivery, postal and email address. Or update your details by logging into your account here. Any charges associated with re-directing your delivery through Australia Post will be passed onto you.

Q. If my wine is broken in transit, will I have to pay for replacement bottles and delivery?
A. No. Insurance & handling costs is covered by Geoff Merrill Wines.