Christmas Food & Wine Pairing

We’re all at risk of struggling to pace ourselves on Christmas Day, but the best advice we can give anyone (ourselves included) is to remember one thing: It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

Here, we share some of our favourite pairings, and the wines stocking the fridges of our team members as they socialise and celebrate this silly season.

Starters and Seafood

As the canapés and seafood begin to roll out of the kitchen, ease into the day with a lighter bodied wine style.

The crisp acidity of our Dancing Queen Riesling is beautifully refreshing with fried scallops and smoked salmon, offsetting the richness of both butter and natural fats.

Our Charley Rose Dry Grenache Rosé takes home the all-rounder award for flexibility, pairing beautifully with charcuterie and cheese. A a big advocate for the flexibility and refreshing nature of these two wines, cellar door manager Leanne shares a friendly warning: These two have been known to go down very, verryyy easy!


Winemaker Scott says that for the family December and Christmas itself is often a busy dash between events. When it’s unclear what the hosts might be serving, Scott is happy to take a little Charley Rose Rosé wherever they go. She’s a sure thing paired with cold meats, salads, seafood, and even the Chrissy ham.

When it comes to the big Chrissy lunch or dinner, we think festive. Scott likes to pull out a back vintage Reserve Chardonnay over lunch, a perfectly decadent French oaked treat no matter the weather.

For red drinkers, our Premium Reds offer the perfect scope of festive pairing. There’s Jacko’s Shiraz and G&W Cabernet Sauvignon for hams, lamb and beef, and our mid-weight Bush Vine SGM for your turkeys, salmon, chicken and veg. After something a little more youthful and spicy? Don’t look past Grumpy Gramps.

Christmas day at the Merrills begins with bubbles, and always features a Henley Shiraz, our pinnacle wine and Geoff’s tribute to his late grandfather. A cheeky museum release is likely to land on the table too!


If you’re a Christmas pudding family, the perfect way to ease into your afternoon nap is with a little Reserve Shiraz.

More of a trifle bunch? Lighten the load of cream and custard with a fruity Georgie May Chardonnay.

Some of the most simple advice we’ve been given and arguably the best approach to an enjoyable meal is to drink the things you like to drink with the foods you like to eat.

So stock up on your favourite festive fare and go-to wines, eat, drink and be merry!

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